Float line, Bungee, spearfishing

Bungee line - 10 mm

This bungee line has the ability to stretch three times its own length. Its made of high quality silicone, and can withstand sunlight, high temperature up to 200 degrees and saltwater.

For extra durability and safety we have added a 2,5 mm SK78 dyneema Inside the silicone tube which increases the breakage load up to 600 kg. Two 125 mm heavy duty tuna-clip with swivel are included with this floatline.

All metal parts are made of 316 AISI anti-tear stainless steel


Available in several measures:

  • 5 m (full) progressive: stretch up to 15 meters
  • 10 m (full) progressive: stretch up to 30 meters

Float line - 10mm Bungee - different length