Kleinsub invert roller speargun

Accurate, extremely powerful and minimal recoil.

This is the short description of our carbon invert speargun. The speargun is very easy to load because of pulley system, which reduce the loading power.


Kleinsub carbon invert roller is an excellent speargun for pelagic fish like sea trout, bass, mullet or pollock. You get a longer shoting range compared to a traditional speargun. You can shoot large fish with more power, great precision and very little recoil. 


Our Invert roller is composed of the best parts from the most reliable brand on the market.

  • Sigalsub handle and trigger mechanism
  • Sigalsub shaft with sharkfins 
  • MVD invert roller muzzle 
  • First class barrel made of 2K carbon twil


Setup: Fusion Demo2

Rubber Bands: 16 mm or 17,5 mm 

Spearshaft: 7,00, 7,50, 8,00 mm Tahitian Shaft HRC With Shark fins. 

Pulley: Mini invert roller pulley made of 316 stainless steel.


Carbon Invert Roller