Kleinsub smoothskin wetsuit

Heiwa Smoothskin

Our suits are made of Heiwa smoothskin and have an open cell on the inside. Open-cell makes the suit much more flexible and comfortable to wear. Heiwa neoprene is super soft and is a very flexible neoprene type. Compared to a wetsuit with a nylon surface Smoothskin makes the wetsuit smoother and reduces water resistance.


Above water and between dives

One of the advantages of smoothskins suits is that the surface is water-repellent and dry very quickly. After a very short time you have a dry wetsuit on the outside. which has a big impact on the chill factor and how you keep warm when you are above the water (eg between dives).


How to use it

When wearing a wetsuit, always use lubricant. You can use soapy water or lubricant which is made especially for wetsuits, eg Slippy.


Maintenance and storage

Rinse the wetsuit with fresh water after use. When you are not using the suit, the optimal way to store the wetsuit, it cold is dry and dark, eg in a basement. When the suit is to be stored for a longer period of time, it should be treated with talcum powder on the inside. 



If your measurements do not fit a standard size, it is possible to order a tailored suit. The delivery time for tailor-made suits is usually between 3 and 5 weeks. 


Custommade camo

We have a large selection of colors and are able to design color composition according to your wishes. If you're interested in camo on your wetsuit, please contact us and hear about the options. It's possible to make camo on tailor-made and standard sizes smoothskin wetsuits.


Made in EU

All our wetsuits and neoprene products are made in collaboration with professional people with many years of experience. Our wetsuits, gloves and socks are produced under approved working conditions in the EU.

Kleinsub Heiwa Smoothskin

  • In order to get the most out of your new Kleinsub wetsuit, it is important that you follow these instructions.

    When wearing a suit, always use lubricant. You can use soapy water or lubricant that is made for wetsuits, eg Slippy

    Be careful when you put on your wetsuit. Take your time and do not use nails as they can make marks and damage your suit.

    If you make a hole and damage your wetsuite it can be fixet with neoprene glue.

    After use, rinse the suit in fresh water. When you are not wearing the suit, keep it cool and dark. 

    If you follow the instructions, then you have a warm and flexible suit for many years.