Meandros Argo BW

The ARGO is the flagship and the more evolved line of spearguns that has to offer that responds to the needs of the demanding hunters that are not satisfied with simple tubular spearguns.


The ARGO (BW) bluewater  series is designed to meet the requirements for long-distance shooting in open waters and ambush spearfishing. Every part and detail has been studied to achieve the optimum ballistic effect. Its final form is the result of numerous designs and exhaustive tests. The ergonomic 3-hole un-level muzzle manages the aggregate but smoother due to its smaller diameter and longer elongation, power of  the 3 bands. Combined with the increased 20% mass and + 6cm longer armature length giving the head length, the recoil effect is weakened and greatly reduced. This way the spear is pushed smoother to a longer length with minimal recoil loss. 


Particular attention has been paid to all parameters that make up a manufactural quality product that is easy-to-use and offers unprecedented ballistic performance levels. It has been studied to overcome the problems and weaknesses of common aluminum or carbon tubular spearguns, such as intense recoil, deformations, buoyancy and offers long-lasting reliability and excellent operation of all its mechanical parts, etc.

It consists of the top international most advanced ergonomic LEADER handle with a particularly low profile with a non-slip, anatomic grip, arming heel, reduced friction spear guide, water balance compartment, ambidextrous monofilament guide (line release), multi-purpose bore, etc.


Accompanied by the most advanced design inverted full inox / heavy duty trigger mechanism with minimal weight and sensitivity. The triggered extends the loading length by +9.5 cm it has an ambidextrous mechanical side fully functional line release. 


The angle of inclination of the oval hole which slides inside the engagement shaft reduces and reverses the torque by determining the pressure load to be applied to the trigger. The strong negative inclination of the oval hole can even reset the applied pressure on the line release extension exercised on the trigger. This system gives us the advantage of simplifying the construction without compromises and sacrifices on the trigger sensitivity issue caused by the pressure load at the point of contact with the engagement hook and thus bypasses disadvantages of more complex systems with roller bearings contact with the trigger and with additional components used in the assembly and operation intended regarding the trigger sensitivity of the mechanism.

The heavy-duty hydrodynamic ovality shape barrel made of aluminum alloy with an integrated hydroplaning guide/ rail, reduced friction in the shape of a trapezium, which delivers stiffness with an ideal weight ratio and a fairly large, almost neutral positive buoyancy of +5.69 gr / cm. Neutral buoyancy in a heavy-duty cannon version is perceived by the user as a resilient, agile and powerful fishing tool. Full anodize protection per piece, not per bar. The thickness of the barrel wall perimetrically for greater rigidity is 1.50 mm tall than the remainder.

Stiffness coupled with the absence of recoil, achieves shot precision and top ballistic performance at a distance from the tip of the spear to 5 times the length of the barrel. Much of the energy from the bands to the rod is absorbed and is lost in the recoil when the mass of the barrel and gun is generally disproportionate to the setting. The ARGO is a sturdy and robust rig that guarantees rigidity with minimal energy loss from recoil. Similar performance with shot quality cannot be obtained from a common barrel of 28x1mm aluminum or carbon 30 × 2 mm. In order to maintain stiffness out of barrel too, attention has been given to the grip / muzzle attachment points of the barrel in terms of geometry and static materials, so that at high load the deformation at the connection points is almost zero.

The open type 3 – hole muzzle has a particularly elegant hydrodynamic design that makes the movement of the gun in any direction a simple easy task. The triple  bands are digested un-level in its body in a different position and height, which contributes to agility, responsiveness, avoidance of vibration and friction between them. Inside there is a stainless steel ballast (with threaded connection systems M 8), weighing up to 5 gr , for precise balance. The trapezoid-shaped spear guide contacts  the spear at 3 points, giving hydro-reduction with reduced friction.

Noteworthy is the minimalist high strength line guide that "hugs" the thread into the body of the muzzle while preventing jams and oscillations during unwinding and movement, while keeping the thread always close to the barrel body and preventing uncontrolled flow of. The Bungee hole is positioned to prevent jams, oscillations at the line lengths by bringing the Bungee to the barrel side line where it works perfectly in harmony with the trigger mechanism and the muzzle line guide.

A point of reference is the ambiguous 1st line length restraint system to stabilize the rod. The system offers the possibility of fluctuating the applied retention pressure to the diameter of the line, which "locks" the line, making it easy for the user to smoothly adjust the remaining line lengths. For use on a rod tip the head has a slot for holding the spear barb.

Its base can adopt all the reels that we produce.

Meandros Argo BW