One of a kind

Light, strong and flexible


Beyond what you see, we have made some invisible improvement.

When we design and produce our OOAK models, there are several things you can’t not see at the final result. We make our fins of many different layers of fiber with different properties to achieve a strong and flexible fin blade. Not just a type of fiber. To combine all fiber layers we use a specially developed epoxy, which is a further development of an epoxy type which is used in the wind turbine industry for rotor blades. The result is a light, strong and flexible fins.



Blade color  Black and white

Footpocket Pathos Fireblade footpocket

Dimensions with foot pockets size 42-44 ~ 980 mm long x 206 mm wide.

Blade angle 24 degrees.

Available stiffness soft (S), medium (M).

Water rails color Black

Water rails size 17 mm / 430 mm long.

Weighs 1100g including Pathos footpocket size 42-44.

Softness We recommend soft fins to people with a bodyweight under 75-85 kilos, medium to people with a bodyweight over 75-85 kilos, according to purpose.

One of a kind

Footpocket size
  • EU size shoe size

    Pathos foot pocket size

    34 36/38
    35 36/38
    36 38/40
    37 38/40
    38 40/42
    39 40/42
    40 42/44
    41 42/44
    42 44/46
    43 44/46
    44 46/48
    45 46/48
    46 48/50
    47 48/50

    We have based our size chard on the EU shoe size and a 5mm wet socks. Barefoot or 1-2mm wet socks, we recommend that you drop down one footpocket size.

    If you are unsure about what size you should choose, please contact us, and let us guide you.