Spearfishing Package Kleinasub
  • Kleinsub 7 mm Smoothskin - Made to measure
  • Sigalsub Nemesis Carbon Pro 76
  • Kleinsub V3 carbon fins
  • 7 meter HD float line
  • C4 Red Dragon buoy
  • Sigalsub X-Fame mask 
  • Black Silicone Snorkel

  • Mac Huntning Knife 

  • Silicone Marseille Belt

  • Kleinsub 5mm socks

  • Armor Gloves 3mm Kevlar 


Kleinsub Smoothskin - made to measure

Our suits are made of Heiwa smoothskin and have an open cell on the inside. Open-cell makes the suit much more flexible and comfortable to wear. Heiwa neoprene is super soft and is a very flexible neoprene type. Compared to a wetsuit with a nylon surface Smoothskin makes the wetsuit smoother and reduces water resistance.


Nemesis Carbon Pro 76

Speargun with 2 x EXTREME 14,5 mm powerband and TANA 6,75 mm spearshaft.


Kleinsub V3 carbon - Concave

Light, strong and flexible

Carbon fins made of 2x2 twill


Kleinsub HD Floatline 

Semi-static floating tube made of high quality silicone. 

Unlike other floatlines, our heavy duty floatline  have a capacity of elongation 15%.

For extra durability and safety we have added a 2,5 mm SK78 dyneema Inside the silicone tube which increases the breakage load up to 600 kg. 


C4 Red Dragon buoy

Red Dragon is manufactured in TPU coated NYLON 420D. The bottom part there are two pockets containing two 100g lead weights to stabilise the buoy during use.


Sigalsub X-Fame mask 

Low volume mask with extra large view.


Black Silicone Snorkel

Made of high quality silicone.


Mac Huntning Knife 

Great hunting knife, made of stainless steel for long-term use.


Silicone Marseille Belt

100% pure silicone belt with heavy duty buckle. 


Kleinsub 5mm socks

Nylon on the outside and opencell on the inside. Great for cold water hunting.


Gloves 3mm Kevlar 

3 millimeter flexible neoprene gloves with kevlar on the palm and fingers, where you need it most. 

Spearfishing Package 1