Speargun handle frame - AR15 Tin Man

The best of the best! 


Designed, produced and tested by Jeff DeRocher (AKA Tin Man) and Chad Morris (AKA Griswold), this design takes advantage of the inherent geometric strength of the military M-16/AR-15 assault rifle design. Once snugged down with the included high strength 1/4" bolt, the bulk of speargun recoil forces are carried by the handle/frame interface. For an even stronger assembly the "Tin Man" AR15 Handle Frame is designed with a 4 hole pattern.


The grip is easily attached to the handle frame with a single stainless steel bolt. That means the grip is easily removable to fit the speargun in a smaller tube for travel. You do not need to unscrew the complete handle frame from the speargun which results in weakened screw holes on the speargun. Simply remove the grip from the frame and keep the frame attached to the speargun.


The price is for the frame only, handle sold separately


Speargun handle frame - AR15 Tin Man