Top Hunt, speargun reel, Kleinsub

Top Hunt 80 is an horizontal reel with medium capacity spool Ø80 mm, thickness 42 mm.
The metal parts are all made in AISI 316 CNC machined stainless steel.
The spool is made ​​of a special floating polymer, machined from extruded solid, in order to compensate the weight of the whole product.

Robust frame made ​​of AISI 316 steel, laser cut and CNC bent.
The increased 'rotation spool' pin Ø 8mm is screwed to the frame with a special system that increases the efficacy of such assembling.

This reel can be mounted on every speargun without varying drilling holes.
It can be mounted on spearguns with handles in engineering plastics and aluminium or carbon barrels.


Weight without dyneema/reel line 164g. 

Top Hunt 80