Top Hunt, speargun reel, Kleinsub

TOP HUNT 80V is a vertical reel. The spool drag remains as set even with traction on the line, to allow quick recoveries with small fishes, in surf and muddy water, or to have a constant drag when riemersing in order not to lose contact with the fish. It can become auto-unlocking, removing the metal washer next to the spool, so as to ensure, in case of shot to a big fish, the correct working of the reel even without releasing it. It can hold 60/70 meters of line diameter of 1.5mm. Knob drag is steel made. Its weight is restrained, it can be equipped on all types of 'light' speargun; its dimensions: 90mmX 90mm X90.


Weight without dyneema/reel line 180g. 

Top Hunt 80V