Top Hunt, speargun reel, Kleinsub

The Top Hunt Maxi 100 modular is a horizontal reel with high capacity spool Ø 100 mm, thickness 42 mm.

The metal parts are all made in AISI 316 CNC machined and burnished.
The spool is made ​​of a special floating polymer, machined from extruded solid, in order to compensate the weight of the whole product.
Robust frame, 2 mm thick, made ​​of AISI 316 steel, laser cut and CNC bent.

The increased 'rotation spool' pin Ø 10mm is screwed to the frame, thread M8 with a special system that increases the efficacy of such assembling.
Drag knob made in AISI 316 beautiful and sturdy , engraved and lightened by passing holes with finger seat on the reel.
It has a captivating design with two derling anti-tangle rollers on the rear and two anti-tangle rollers on the front, as a line guide. Lateral pins of the anti-tangle system are in AISI 316 d. 06 mm, mounted with M4 thread screws.

The knob on the spool is extensible with a seat machined from the solid and spheres on locking springs.
The frame of the Top Hunt 100 Maxi modular and its components are burnished anti-reflective and well smoothed for safe and comfortable use.

The spool has the word HUNT engraved, cnc made, and it is floating, which helps to compensate the weight of the frame.
The Top Hunt 100 Maxi modular reel combines the characteristics of the Top Hunt 100 with a burnished look and the new concept of extreme adaptability to commercial spearguns; the insert, movable on the stroke of the holes, holds a countersunk screw: the fixing holes of the reel can be moved away or approached, thus changing the distance between the holes.

The reel can then be set up on any speargun you want without changing the drilling measures.
It can also be set up on spearguns with technopolymer handle and aluminum or carbon barrels.


Weight without dyneema/reel line 348g. 

Top Hunt Maxi 100