Kleinsub vest

3 mm vest.

You can use it as vest under your wetsuite on the cold days, or as extra insulation in winter.


How to use it

When wearing a wetsuit, always use lubricant. You can use soapy water or lubricant which is made especially for wetsuits, eg Slippy.


Maintenance and storage

Rinse the wetsuit with fresh water after use. When you are not using the suit, the optimal way to store the wetsuit, it cold is dry and dark, eg in a basement. When the suit is to be stored for a longer period of time, it should be treated with talcum powder on the inside. 


Made in EU

All our wetsuits and neoprene products are made in collaboration with professional people with many years of experience. Our wetsuits, gloves and socks are produced under approved working conditions in the EU.

Vest - 3 mm