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Cetma elastik
Cetma elastik
Cetma elastik

Cetma - Magnum Plus 14 mm

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Cetma Magnum Plus 14.0 mm kobber farvet elastik. Ekstremt kraftfuld elastik! Prisen er pr. 10 centimeter. Du vælger det antal, du har brug for, og vi sender det i ét stykke. Nedenfor kan man læse den fulde beskrive på engelsk. 

The MAGNUM PLUS has been studied and realized with a 4 layer structure:

1. The first very thin layer, from the outside, it is an iridescent metallic copper layer which enable the rubber to change color assuming a color “tuned” with surrounding environment;

2. The second layer, the black one, has the function to protect the inner natural layer from UV rays thus avoiding  deteriorating of  the rubber band over time;

3. The third gray layer is made with a specific higher modulus natural rubber to increase the knot resistance.

4. The last, core layer is pure natural LATEX.

Thanks to the barrier layer, it is possible to use pure LATEX without using additives. This Features makes our product to better perform than other traditional rubber band, and allows the performance of the rubber band to be maintained over time.

The external layer is however made of latex with special additives that, besides acting as specific function, contribute to the rubber band reactivity.

Moreover, they are made with much lower internal hole diameter than traditional ones (only 0.9 mm) allowing to have a greater quantity of rubber at the same external diameter and consequently greater power.

Their internal structure makes them very performing at different elongation factors, keeping the load constant with the elongations of rubber band up to 350%.

In the table are reported the developed force at several elongation’s fatctors , these data are useful for setting your speargun, but we strongly suggest to try at 300% elongation you’ll be astonished on how stable and performing will be your spearguns.

Cetma Magnum Plus 

Hårdhed/TypeKraft ved 300%Kraft ved 310%Kraft ved 320%Kraft ved 330%Kraft ved 340%Kraft ved 350%Kraft ved 400%
14 mm, 0,9 mm hulReactive21 kg21,4 kg21,8 kg22,5 kg23,2 kg24,0 kg27,0 kg
16 mm, 0,9 mm hulReactive27,0 kg27,4 kg28,0 kg28,8 kg29,5 kg30,0 kg34,0 kg


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