Stefan Mundt Svendsen 


Stefan started spearfishing in 2012 and joined the Kleinsub team in 2018. Stefan has dedicated his life to spearfishing and participated in almost all competitions in Denmark. But most of all, he enjoys the silence below the surface and to catch his own dinner. Stefan is part of the Danish national spearfishing team.


Tonny Jensen


In 2008 Tonny started spearfishing. Since then, he has caught almost all species of fish in Denmark. Tonny has been part of the Danish national team three times and is a very experienced underwater hunter. Tonny has spent many hours on the west coast of Denmark hunting bass and mullets. 


Klaus Simonsen

Spearfishing and Freediving

In addition to being a great spearfisher, Klaus is also an experience freediver. It means a lot to Klaus to be a part of nature, feel the calm and enjoy  the silence. Klaus is part of the Danish national spearfishing team.