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Cetma - Magnum SILVER 16,5 mm

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Cetma Magnum SILVER 15.0 mm sølv farvet elastik. Ekstremt kraftfuld elastik! Prisen er pr. 10 centimeter. Du vælger det antal, du har brug for, og vi sender det i ét stykke. Nedenfor kan man læse den fulde beskrive på engelsk. 

The new MAGNUM SILVER rubber bands by CETMA COMPOSITES are manufactured with high quality materials, as for the famous MAGNUM PLUS that are now a point of reference for the spearfishing sector. Differently than for MAGNUM PLUS, the new MAGNUM SILVER are characterized by a less reactive behavior, so they can be defined as “intermediate rubber bands”.

Also, in this case pure latex rubber without additives is used internally so to take advantage of the real and outstanding properties of natural rubber. In fact, the other rubber bands commercially available use natural rubber modified with several additives, like anti-UV additives, that worsen the properties of natural rubber. The MAGNUM rubber bands, on the contrary, have pure natural rubber inside but they have a thin anti-UV external layer (UV blocking black layer) for this purpose.

The MAGNUM SILVER rubber band guarantee the performance of natural rubber with a less explosive behavior: for this reason, they are suggested for arbaletes with simple propulsion (mono, double or triple) and inverter.


The MAGNUM SILVER has been studied and realized with a 4 layers structure:

1. The first very thin layer, from the outside, it is an iridescent metallic silver layer which enable the rubber to change color assuming a color “tuned” with surrounding environment.

2. The second layer, the black one, has the function to protect the inner natural layer from UV rays thus avoiding deteriorating of the rubber band over time.

3. The third gray layer is made with a specific higher modulus natural rubber to increase the knot resistance.

4. The last, core layer is pure natural LATEX.

Thanks to the barrier layer, it is possible to use pure LATEX without using additives. This Features makes our product to better perform than other traditional rubber band and allows the performance of the rubber band to be maintained over time.


Moreover, they are made with internal diameter of 2.4 mm for a better bulk response of the rubber band.

Cetma Magnum Plus 

Hårdhed/TypeKraft ved 300%Kraft ved 310%Kraft ved 320%Kraft ved 330%Kraft ved 340%Kraft ved 350%Kraft ved 400%
15 mm, 2,4 mm hulSemi-Reactive17,5 kg18,0 kg19,0 kg19,5 kg20,0 kg20,5 kg23,0 kg
16,5 mm, 2,4 mm hulSemi-Reactive25,0 kg25,5 kg26,0 kg26,7 kg27,4 kg27,9 kg31,6 kg
17,5 mm, 2,4 mm hulSemi-Reactive31,0 kg31,5 kg32,0 kg32,6 kg33,4 kg34,0 kg34,6 kg


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